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Refurbished GP8 StemShine

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Take advantage of reduced pricing on remaining "Refurbished" SilverShine CDM Star units!

The Stemshine GP8™ is an easy-to-use appliance that dries and gently polishes your valuable stemware and glassware. If you need glasses polished, but don't have all day to get it done, then this electric glass polisher is perfect for you!

It features 8 polishing brushes and accommodates up to 2 glasses at a time, polishing or drying each one with care. Plus, it polishes up to 8 times as many glasses as a person can in the same amount of time, thereby expediting the task and freeing up part of your staff to tend to other priorities.

This product is the recipient of the NRA's 2008 Kitchen Innovation award that not only produces great results that save time and effort, but also protects your investment in stemware by dramatically reducing the number of broken stems that occur during the polishing process.

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