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StemShine Steam Cart

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 Product Description:

Optimize your stemware polishing and drying process by incorporating the StemShine Steam Cart into your business operation. 

Designed to assist operators, the StemShine Steam Cart ensures that glassware remains damp prior to drying and polishing which results in a perfect result, every time. 

Additionally, the StemShine Steam Cart provides operators with ample space to store glassware, making it the best tool in assisting the drying and polishing process. 


 How it Works:

  1. The StemShine Steam Cart is built with a perforated grate where the operator will place glassware upside down.
  2. Steam is produced within the steam cart which will rise into the glassware, ensuring that the glassware is damp and warm; the perfect environment prior to being dried and polished. 
  3. Operators will place their StemShine GP8 or StemShine Pro GP-5 next to the perforated steam grate where there is easy access to prepped and ready glassware. 
  4. Glass racks are placed on the opposite side of the steam grate for easy access and a smooth flow of labor. 

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