StemShine Pro GP5

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The Stemshine Pro™ is perfect for bars, hotels, banquet halls, and other businesses that have stemware to polish. The Stemshine Pro™ features 5 brushes to gently wipe away smudges and wick away water, leaving each and every glass crystal clear and ready for service.

Plus, it can polish up to 350 glasses per hour, freeing up staff to tend to other important tasks. With its impressive speed and gentle touch, this machine ensures that stemware dazzles with ease!

Available in 4 captivations, Stemshine Pro™ is suitable for the front of the house or back of the bar of every establishment.

  • Simple to use controls
  • Durable and Robust ABS construction throughout
  • 5 Cotton-soft synthetic brushes - easy to keep clean and maintain
  • Heated Fan and internal heating filament
  • Small, table top form-factor
  • Available in a variety of colors 


The Stemshine Pro™ takes your stemware from freshly washed to highly polished in just seconds! Simply position wet stemware in contact with the cotton-soft, synthetic drying bristles and allow them to gently polish. THAT'S IT!

Take clean, wet stemware
Hold glass in contact with brushes
Warm airflow dries glass
Rotating brushes polish surface

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