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Glassware & Cutlery Polisher – What We Do:


The Silvershine™ and Stemshine™ polishing products from CPI are revolutionizing the North American foodservice industry. Winners of the NRA's Kitchen Innovations Award in 2007 and 2008 respectively, our Shine™ products help you achieve exceptional flatware and stemware presentation more consistently and with less effort. Our glassware polisher and cutlery polisher products stand out as tools to efficiency in the North American hospitality industry. If you need an efficient way to frost or polish glassware and cutlery, Campus Products Inc. should be your number one call.


We Reduce Operating Costs


CPI Equipment assists operators with reducing labor costs by automating the polishing and drying process. With assistance from one of our glassware polisher products, including SilverShine and StemShine, operators can reduce the amount of labor spent on time consuming tasks such as polishing and drying flatware or glassware.


We Ensure Consistency


With our equipment, operators can be confident that the flatware and glassware they place in front of their clients is of a consistent high-quality. By reducing the chance of human error, the StemShine and SilverShine polish glassware with guaranteed effectiveness for your clients.


We Support and Service


Our clients can always count on Campus Products Inc to have their back. With a service network that covers North America, our clients will always be provided with the best quality of maintenance and support for glassware and cutlery polisher products, along with our many other means of helping businesses in the hospitality and food-service industries to achieve efficiency in their services.

StemShine Pro GP5

StemShine Pro GP5


The Stemshine™ is an easy-to-use appliance that dries and gently polishes your valuable stemware and glassware. This product is the recipient of the NAFEM 2017 What’s Hot! What’s Cool! award and not only produces great results that save time and effort, but also protects your investment in stemware by dramatically reducing the number of broken stems that occur during the polishing process.

Product Description

How It Works

Stemshine™ takes your stemware from freshly washed to highly polished in just seconds! Simply position wet stemware in contact with the cotton-soft, synthetic drying bristles and allow them to gently polish. THAT'S IT!

  1. Take clean, wet stemware
  2. Hold glass in contact with brushes
  3. Warm airflow dries glass
  4. Rotating brushes polish surface

Build Quality

  • Simple to use controls
  • Durable and Robust ABS construction throughout
  • 5 Cotton-soft synthetic brushes - easy to keep clean and maintain
  • Small, table top form-factor
  • Available in a variety of colors

Performamce Features<

Stemshine™ fits into nearly any foodservice environment with ease. Its small-form factor fits just about anywhere in your kitchen or bar and with its 120V power consumption it's truly just "plug-and-play".

Labor Savings and Capacity

Stemshine™ allows operators to save labor while dramatically improving glassware presentation. Stems can be shined in as little as 30 seconds regardless of the glass shape. With the Stemshine™, a single operator can polish and dry 1 glass at a time, and up to 170 glasses per hour. Try the calculator (labor savings button above) to see how much you can save!

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