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How to Achieve Fine Dining Status
August 14, 2020

One of the questions that are commonly asked about the restaurant business is what an establishment has to do achieve fine dining status. This does not just apply to independent restaurants, but also to dining establishments housed in hotels. Indeed, hotel restaurants have great potential to enhance their status, not least due to their access to affluent clientele.


There are several things a dining establishment needs to do to ensure their status. If you’re expecting to serve a large amount of customers, like hotels often do, you need to make sure you have the equipment, processes, and quality of food all down to pat.


Here are some of the basics to keep in mind:



Servers at a fine dining establishment are unlike no other. They are often expected to stay on top of every aspect of the restaurant’s processes, from seating to plating and more. Considering the breadth of their responsibilities, a good restaurant might want to consider allowing their servers to focus on more pertinent matters. Instead of having them waste time as they polish glassware or cutlery, why not automate that process and leave your servers to do what they do best: provide service.


Atmosphere and Experience

While certain restaurants are attempting to break away from the long established traditions of fine dining, it is still the case that most patrons are looking for an exceptionally luxurious experience when they go for fine dining. They are paying for more than the food, and they pay attention to the little things. This is why it is pertinent to polish glassware, make sure the dining sets are arranged properly, and that the décor is all up to standard. A good way to polish glassware is to employ the use of an automated wine glass polishing machine, which not only increases productivity, but also ensures consistent results.


Top-of-the-line Drink Menus

Fine dining is not just about the food. Dishes are often paired with the appropriate alcoholic beverage. Typically, a restaurant’s selection of alcohol is a good indicator to guests of quality. Certain bottles are priced in the thousands. Naturally, you want to make sure that your luxurious beverages are presented in a manner fitting to their status. High quality glasses are used and are maintained carefully to always provide the best first impression. Make sure you polish the glassware well and do not present smudged or stained glasses to guests.


For any dining establishment, efficiency is key. The same is true for fine dining restaurants, but this concept is elevated even more. Slow service or small mistakes in cleanliness can cost a restaurant irreparable damage to its reputation. This is why it is pertinent for such restaurants, especially those housed in hotels where hundreds of guests filter in and out every day, to employ the use of proper kitchen equipment.


Automated equipment can drastically boost the productivity of a kitchen and ensure human error is minimized. Campus Products Inc. supplies special equipment to help you polish glassware and cutlery, and our equipment has been shown to lower costs all around due to their efficiency. For more information on our products, visit our website.


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