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What Makes Wine Glasses Different From Each Other
August 28, 2020

Did you know that there is a significant difference between glass and crystal as a material for wine glasses? It’s the specific lead content used in the glassware that makes it either a crystal or a glass. It is what softens the glass in crystal and makes it possible to be engraved and cut into a unique form. Lead also affects the weight of the glass which causes light diffraction. Conversely, traditional glass is usually made lighter than crystal and will not cause the glass to diffract the light through it. So, essentially, all crystals are glass while not all glass is made of crystal. Hence, it is essential to polish glassware that is crystal in order to help it keep its sparkling shine.


The major issue with traditional lead glassware is its tendency to leach which makes it toxic for those who use it for drinking. This is why crystal glassware made today is mostly unleaded and uses titanium oxide, zinc, and barium carbonate instead. Even if they are unleaded, they still have the same property as lead crystal such as the ability to enhance the flavour and aroma of the wine. Apart from being easy to polish glassware like this because of its lighter weight, they are also of the highest quality and can provide a better wine tasting experience. The only issue is that they’re a bit more fragile to handle and cost more than the traditional thicker plain glass.


When it comes to specialty wine glasses, the two major options include the all-purpose and stemless wine glasses.


All-purpose wine glasses may not be able to provide the same experience as to the specific application but they provide the same function at a reduced cost and with the same efficiency. They are applicable to be used for both types of wines because the bowl shape is located in between that of the white and red wine glasses. They can also be easily run through machines that polish glassware. If you want to reduce the risk of glass breakage, a stemless wine glass is a great option as it offers a stylish, modern look.



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