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3 Reasons to Automate Glassware Polishing
August 07, 2020

Every well-doing restaurant owner will tell you that a good glassware polisher is essential for any fine dining or winery establishment. Tasteful inebriation is a well-demanded luxury in all dining establishments that offer it. Unfortunately, wine can leave a stubborn and challenging residue that requires an excellent polisher to address. It is not enough to polish by hand, considering the large volume of glasses, especially if your restaurant is located in a hotel.


Here are three important reasons to automate the polishing process:


Your Wine Glasses Always Make the Best First Impression

Restaurant establishments tell a story. The massive double doors, beautiful aesthetic, and impeccable design are all crucial to setting the mood and ambience for your customers. However, diners will fixate themselves on two things once they get seated: the cutlery set and your glassware. An excellent automated glassware polisher makes your glasses look pristine and beautiful, with absolutely no room for faults or missed spot. In doing so, they will create an impeccable impression each time.


They're Essential to Appreciating and Drinking Wine

Wine tasters always highlight that wine drinking is all about releasing and collecting aromas. Your excellently-manufactured glassware allows drinkers to swirl and release the wine's aroma carefully. In doing so, it will enable them to appreciate the full flavour of the wine you offer to them. A glassware polisher ensures your wine glass is always up to this task. Any small amount of residue can interfere with a seasoned palate.


A Premium Experience with Every Type of Wine Glass and Glassware

Different wines call for a wide variety of glass and glassware. Your dining expert has selected an adequate variety of glassware to complement your current selection of drinks. However, wine-oriented establishments have a bigger selection of glass to clean and maintain, and that is where an excellent polisher will always play a vital role.


If you have yet to find an excellent automated polisher for your glassware or flatware, Campus Products Inc can help you with all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products.


Check out our Stemshine glassware polishing machine below:



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