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3 Stubborn Types of Stains That Are Hard to Remove
May 05, 2020

Drinking wine is a staple for many people, and the joy of drinking tasteful and aromatic wine becomes highly pleasurable with well-cleaned and spotless wine glasses. Any reputable restaurant will have an excellent wine glass cleaner because they want to make an excellent first impression. Here are three common and stubborn types of glass stains that will need an efficient and strong glass cleaner to remove.


Problematic Lipstick Stains

Using tissue or make up remover wipes can remove lipstick from lips easily and without stain. However, removing lipstick stains from glassware can be quite tricky with just a wet paper cloth. The difficulty extends further when you don't have an excellent wine glass cleaner to streamline the process. While using natural cleaners, such as lemon and vinegar can help, you don't want to leave an unusual, acidic scent on your wine glass.

Calcium Deposits

When water dries up on your glass, and especially if your customers have spent a great deal of time letting wine rest in it -- calcium deposits will appear. They're quite challenging to remove from your glass without having someone use slightly acidic cleaners that have a distinct scent. However, with a well-manufactured wine glass cleaner, you won't need to worry about calcium deposits at all.

Dried Food Fragments

Aside from calcium deposits, your staff will likely encounter dried food fragments in need of intense scrubbing. The dried fragments should be removed by hand before  running it in the washer.  This way they can be sure that the wine glasses look pristine before the establishment opens the following day.

The Most Dependable Manufacturers Produce The Best Cleaners

Campus Products International has been supplying only the best glass cleaning machines for any restaurant, F&B establishment, and other hospitality businesses for almost a century. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you!


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