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Essential Glassware for Restaurants and Bars
January 28, 2020

Running a dining or drinking establishment is a lot more than just getting the right food and drinks. Every detail of the food and beverage business has to be thought out, from the décor your establishment to a system for your workers to clean and polish glassware.


Because every detail matters, even the little things like what cutlery and glassware you should get are important.


A few good tips to keep in mind include making sure that the style and design of these items match the overall theme of your restaurant. This means no bright, plastic utensils in a fine dining establishment, or fancy flatware in a diner.


Aside from that, you will also need to know what kind of glassware to get for your restaurant, particularly if you serve alcohol. In general, there are a few styles that are considered absolute staples. Check out this list of three kinds of glassware you need for serving alcohol.


1. Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail glasses, also known as martini glasses, are a must-have. Cocktails are immensely popular with all age groups of drinkers, allowing the bartenders to get creative as well. These kinds of glasses have a small volume, serving up between three to six ounces of liquid. The method to polish this glassware is simply to hold it gently by the stem and lower it into the brushes of a polishing machine.


2. Highball and Collins Glasses

The highball and Collins glasses are similar to the first type of glass in the sense that they are usually used for mixed drinks. It may be more difficult to polish this glassware because it does not have a stem, but it certainly is not hard to get the hang of it. They tend to hold around eight to 16 ounces.


3. Old Fashioned or Rocks Glasses

This glass normally looks like a wider, shorter version of the highball or Collins glass. Unlike the cocktail glass, it is not uncommon for drinks served in this glass to come with ice, or “on the rocks.” There is a smaller version of this glass, holding between six to eight ounces of liquid, which is normally used to serve a neat pour of liquor.


After you’ve thought of what glassware to keep, you’ll need to think of a way to reliably polish glassware. Thankfully, Campus Products has the solution for that in the form of our automated glassware polishing technologies. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products!

Who knew there was so much to learn on how to polish glassware
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