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Everything You Need to Know About Glassware
February 05, 2020

Every prepared and well-stocked bar will always have the “must-have” glasses. Many cocktail drinks call for a specific style of glassware that is specially designed for certain drinks as they each hold certain ounces.


For instance, a wide-mouth, conical glass with a stem is perfect for martini drinks while highballs are perfect for mixed drinks that are made with plenty of ice. Shot glasses are of course, for drinking straight shots and mixed shooters. Despite these differences, all of them require one important machine to keep them in good shape, a glassware polisher.


When it comes to buying glasses for your restaurant, pub, or bar, you will come across a lot of designs within each style of glassware.


To make it less daunting for you, consider those that have interesting features that suit the style of your bar. You can even go for vintage styled glassware with intricate details if it suits your brand image. Most importantly, is to have a glassware polisher that can effectively and gently clean your glassware no matter how delicate. Investing in a good polisher that won’t break your glassware will save you from having to dish out more money in the long run.


In the process of cleaning and storing your glassware, extra care and attention must be given if you want to keep them shiny and clean for a long time. Always make sure that they are rinsed thoroughly and ensure there is no soap residue left behind. You should also never attempt to put wet and unpolished glasses away as they can damage surfaces, and should be dried immediately to prevent the formation of unpleasant water spots. To maintain the shine of your glasses, a glassware polisher would be your best bet. Finally, ensure that the rack fully accommodates the various styles of your glassware or buy individual racks and space them accordingly.

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