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Cutlery Cleaning Guide
April 24, 2019

There’s nothing more important than hygiene when it comes to dealing with food. Cutlery, in particular, can become quite dirty after an eating session. To maintain your cutlery, proper cleaning and polishing methods must be followed in order to maximize longevity and sterility. A cutlery polisher is an incredibly useful item in maintaining a pure and beautiful appearance. Here’s a helpful guideline detailing some essential tips in making sure that your cutlery stays spotless.



Wash Immediately


Before using a cutlery polisher, you’ll have to wash and dry your cutlery thoroughly. It should be obvious that cleaning cutlery immediately will yield positive results. There’s nothing worse than having bits of food completely stuck onto the grooves of a fork. To avoid stains and discolouration, be sure to rinse acidic food and salt off of cutlery immediately. After a thorough rinse, promptly begin scrubbing and washing your cutlery with warm water and dish soap.



Dry Immediately


As important as it is to clean your cutlery as quickly as possible, it’s equally important to dry them shortly after washing them. Leaving cutlery in a damp or wet environment can shorten their lifespan. Unwanted stains and discolouration can occur if cutlery is wet and left unattended. This is especially true if the water used in the washing process has high mineral content.





In order to truly make your cutlery shine, you’ll need to polish it. There are many ways to polish cutlery, including various homemade methods such as using toothpaste. However, the most effective method by far is to use a cutlery polisher. A Silvershine machine, for instance, provides an unrivaled polish to all forms of cutlery. Not only does it provide a sterile finish, but it can also polish multiple items simultaneously at an incredible speed. In fact, many notable restaurants and hotels use Silvershine machines in order to guarantee sterility and to promote efficiency.



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