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Do Different Wines Taste Better in Different Wine Glasses?
December 10, 2019

 The short answer, no. While you might be bombarded with a wide variety of different wine glasses in the glassware and wine glass cleaner section of your local homewares store – in general, you won’t need a specific type or shape of wine glass to drink certain types of wine.


While wine glass marketing might try to convince you that drinking specific types of wine in pre-designated wine glasses will enhance your drinking experience, there isn’t a go-to standard guide for the type of wine glass you should be drinking wine from.


But where did the notion that different types of wine glasses are best used for specific types of wines?


In the early 70s, Claus Ridiel – the founder of a notable Austrian glassware company unveiled a sommelier series of 10 different shapes wine glasses which were supposedly ideal for different types of wine. Ridiel claimed that drinking wine out of the various shaped wine glasses enabled the wine drinker to experience the intricate aromas of the wine, and that the shape of the wine glasses allowed for a more seamless drinking experience.


However, it wasn’t until much later that studies published would suggest that Riedel’s claims had no basis in science. In 2001, The Journal of Wine Research published findings in which subjects were blindfolded and asked to sniff wines in different shaped wine glasses – including Riedel’s differently shaped wine glasses. The subjects noted that using the various wine glasses offered no effect on enhancing one sensory attribute over others.


While the shape of the wine glass might not impact the overall wine drinking experience, the number one consideration when selecting an optimal wine glass is the stem. Wine glass stems are ideal for formal tasting and serving, and prevents body heat from your hands from warming up the wine.


Once you’ve selected the right wine glass, it’s also important to properly maintain them. Using a gentle wine glass cleaner is imperative for ensuring long-term durability of your wine glasses.


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