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Glass and Wine: The Perfect Pairing
July 25, 2019

We can look at many of the cultures that surround beverage consumption, from beers to soft drinks, and the receptacles in which they are consumed and their variance throughout history.



Wine, however, has stood the test of time in how it is enjoyed, and one can’t help but picture it within polished glassware for consumption, with the thought of any alternative causing a potential shudder, especially amongst fine-dining connoisseurs.



Historical Progress of the Glass Industry


Over the course of four millennia, we’ve witnessed the astonishing levels of technological proficiency and optimization surrounding the development of polished glassware. Now having the capacity to yield more glass stemware and bottles in an hour, compared to what would have taken historic glassblowers a day, is a lifestyle we’ve adapted around and can take for granted. Newfound respect can be gained through historical dives into the innovations that have lead us to where we are today, most notably by engineer Henry Bessemer.


Henry, as an engineer back in 1848, had patented a major advance for manufacturing glass in an automated fashion through the formation of an uninterrupted sheet of glass formed between rollers. While being a cornerstone of industrial production, it ultimately proved to be an uneconomical procedure as the glass came out foggy and required additional labour in order to polish glassware.



The Stability of Ceramics


For centuries, the historical inertia that has carried the tradition of wine storage, transportation, and consumption in polished glassware lend themselves to its unwavering, almost universal, usage. Not only existing as a romanticized vision of days gone by, the essential characteristics that glass exhibits, such as its chemical inertness, unlimited recycling capacity, and non-permeable surface, are what make it as essential as the wine itself in order to enjoy it to its fullest; a rare combination of utilitarian and aesthetic.



Polishing Glassware Is Easier Than Ever


As a proud CFESA member here at CPI, we’re all-in on maintaining the highest standards when it comes to our professional services and products. With products that polish glassware and stainless steel cutlery, through our Stemshine™ and Silvershine™ products respectively, we get to what is pivotal to the operations in all food services – utensils. By reducing you labour costs and increasing consistency in meeting your quality standards, our products serve to ultimately add savings to your bottom line. Get in touch today to see how our polishing products can fit into your daily operations!

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