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How to Prevent Stains on Your Cutlery
March 03, 2020

Any food business owner would agree that the most used item they have is cutlery. Cutlery and utensils are a necessity to any restaurant and are used every day by customers. Flatware goes through a lot every day and can become damaged over time, as customers don’t care to be gentle with it. In addition to regular use, utensils go through the wash at least a dozen times day. This is why investing in a high-quality cutlery polishing machine is essential to prolonging their life span. Plus, proper care and maintenance for your cutlery is a must.


Read on to learn how to prevent stains and other problems with your cutlery.


Dealing with stains

Despite their name, cutlery made from stainless steel can still be stained. The common cause of this is often moisture and acid erode finish and when cutlery isn’t dried right away. When cutlery is left in the sink for long periods of time it will result in moisture or acid from food residue to be deposited in the cutlery. Also, avoid using chemicals on dips that can tarnish the silverware. Investing in a cutlery polishing machine will allow you to take care of other tasks while your flatware is safely cleaned and dried.


Polishing the cutlery

In addition to keeping the stains at bay, keeping your cutlery polished and shined is also important to make the dining experience of your customers a lot better. A cutlery polishing machine would be beneficial for your workplace to increase productivity and save on labour cost. The best way to polish the cutlery is to immediately remove the water from knives and forks right after washing. This is to prevent surface containments that can lead to unsightly watermarks on the cutlery, achieving a perfect shine that your customers would love to see.



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