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The Art of Wine Presentation
November 26, 2018

In the booming hospitality industry, high-end resorts and restaurants take great care to ensure that their guests have the best possible wine experience. Just like cuisine, wine is an art, with a lot revolving around skillful presentation. Sommeliers are responsible for expertly pairing and serving wine, while the establishment is responsible for making sure that the glassware is in upstanding condition. The sommelier needs to have the best tools for the job. Watermarks, smears, stains, and spots on glassware are simply unacceptable in the world of wine presentation.


While hand-polishing glassware is a slow but sure way to get the job done, a lot of establishments are turning to wine glass cleaner and polisher equipment. Automated wine glass cleaners aid in a restaurant’s success by streamlining operations, reducing labor costs, and minimizing employee exertion. Instead of being preoccupied with a repetitive task, the staff can be put to better use. This allows for more productive efficiency of your labor pool. 


Want a more detailed look at those savings? Head on over to our wine glass cleaner Labor Savings Calculator to crunch some numbers.  


There is a lot more to wine presentation than a clean glass, although it is a fundamental step. Typically, a sommelier will present the wine bottle to the guests so that they have a clear view of the label. Next, he or she will artfully remove the foil and insert the corkscrew. Once the cork has been gracefully removed, the wine bottle neck is wiped with a serviette. The cork is presented to the guests. A taste of the wine is poured into a glass; the host has a chance to try a sip to decide whether they like it. The wine is then poured for everyone at the table, ladies first, with the host served last.  


Ceremony is a big part of wine culture and it varies in complexity from one restaurant to another. No matter how many steps the sommelier takes to pour you a glass of wine, there is no denying that a sparkling clean glass is a necessity. Whether dining fancy or casual, the glass speaks volumes about the overall state of the establishment. CPI’s Stemshine wine glass cleaner and polisher takes out the physical labor involved, leaving your glasses perfectly presentable to your distinguished clientele. 

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