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The Assortment of Utensils Designed Around Specific Foods
August 20, 2019

Being in the business of supplying equipment such as dedicated cutlery polisher machines has exposed us to a whole world of dining utensils that we may never have noticed otherwise. These can really add a new dimension to the way diners at your restaurant enjoy and even appreciate their foods.



We’ve compiled some of the more understated varieties in the world of cutlery that deserve their moment in the spotlight:



Butter Knife


Let’s get started with one of the more recognised pieces of cutlery that people in wider society may be cognisant of. If your table knife is non-serrated, has a rounded tip, and is dull-edged then it is safe to assume you’re in possession of a butter knife.


However, depending on the environment you find yourself in, classification of butter knives can be further divided. For example, a master butter knife, often designed with a sharper tip in mind, is typically employed for more formal and hygienic doctrines centred on placing portions of butter, taken from a butter dish, onto individual guests’ plates from which a separate, rounded tip, butter knife is used for spreading. The more intricately designed examples of these typically preserve their quality via a cutlery polisher machine, as it provides a gentler method of maintenance compared to more typical procedures.



Grapefruit Knife


You may, upon first glance, be forgiven for identifying these as your everyday knife, but, make no mistake, these serrated blades display a very unique, double-sided serrated curved tip which can look oddly reminiscent to a chainsaw of sorts. This curve has been built around efficiently penetrating and separating the curved peel of the grapefruit from the rim without removing too much fruit from the lateral edge.



Crab Fork


Reminiscent of skewers, these specialised utensils exhibit unique two-headed prongs on one end with a spade-like construct on the other. This design is purpose-built for the removal of flesh from served crab and/or lobsters – a function that, while possible, can be unintuitive and inappropriate through the use of conventional cutlery.



Slotted Spoon


This piece of cutlery is similar in every way to a spoon except with regards to the slits in its bowl, which can seem counterintuitive as the bowl of a spoon is its most defining and practical feature.


While its function may not come naturally, it serves a purpose predominately around the preparation and serving, not consumption, of food. A typical example of this can be seen when substances within a cooking liquid or canned good have served their purpose and must be extracted by way of a slotted spoon.  The elaborate orifices seen within this spoon can make for awkward cleaning, that is why we recommend placing these within a cutlery polisher machine.


What we aim for at Campus Products Inc., is to maintain the outstanding standards of quality we’ve made ourselves known for in the hospitality industry. Our cutlery polisher machines are easy to operate, however, we’re always in service to you if you ever need help surrounding the servicing of your machine.


Let us help reduce your bottom line and take the trouble out of maintaining your cutlery with our Silvershine™ cutlery polisher machine!

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Posted by: Georgia | August 27, 2019, 1:29 pm
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