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The Do’s and Don’ts of Fine Dining Table Manners
July 19, 2019


If you dread having to visit a fine dining establishment because you aren’t sure how to use their polished stainless steel cutlery – no problem at all! We are here to simplify the process for you so you can enjoy fine food fully equipped with the knowledge of proper etiquette.


There will come a time when you must for whatever reason have to attend a fine dining restaurant. Showing correct table manners will give the impression that you are polite and respect the establishment you find yourself in and the people you are dining with.


Today we’ll go through a few fine dining basics, from how to use polished stainless steel cutlery to how to act when you drop your fork on the floor.  


DO start from the outside and work your way in when using your cutlery


You’ll find your forks to the left and your knives and spoons to the right of your plate. It is generally the rule that the furthermost cutlery on each side of your plate are intended for the first course of your meal – so they are to be used first.


DON’T pick up cutlery that’s been dropped on the floor


In the event that you drop any polished stainless steel cutlery on the floor, don’t worry about having to pick it up – and definitely DO NOT continue to use dirty cutlery to eat your food. Kindly ask your server to replace the cutlery for you.


DO use your pudding spoon the same way you would use a knife


Be sure to hold your pudding spoon with the spoon head facing toward you, and use it as if it were a knife. The pudding fork is meant to steady the food portion on your plate, while also pushing the portion onto the spoon.


DON’T scoop with your fork


The tines of your fork should face toward your plate and use your knife to mash the food onto the top part of your fork. Do not use your fork the same way as you would use a spoon!




Life saver! I have to attend a wedding this weekend and this really helped me out
Posted by: Ralph | July 19, 2019, 2:11 pm
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