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The Proper Ways to Handle, Store and Transport Glasses
June 24, 2020

Every food service owner and manager should know that time is of the essence when it comes to serving their customers. Saving not just on time but also money, proper handling, cleaning, and storage of glassware play a significant role. Achieving these things can make your daily operations run smoothly and seamlessly. Not to mention that squeaky clean glasses give a good impression to customers while those with unsightly spots can cause you your reputation. So, it becomes crucial to always ensure that all hygiene and health guidelines are followed when cleaning glasses and working with any type of glassware polishing machine

In addition to practicing proper cleaning, handling, and polishing, it’s also equally vital to strictly follow correct glass handling procedures such as the following:



- Always hold the glassware on its strongest portion which is usually near the base of its stem and not by its base or rim. 


- Never place silverware inside the glasses, even when cleaning. Instead, have designated bins for the cutlery to prevent them from causing mechanical shock that can lead to breakage. 


- When moving multiple glasses, do not carry or transport them in a bouquet manner, this can cause scratches and damage. Use racks or dollies to safely move the glassware.


- After the glasses have been through the glassware polishing machine, make sure to place the glasses back in their original place when they are not in use. 


- Finally, utilize only a correctly sized glass rack to be used for cleaning and storage purposes in order to protect them from any chance of chipping and cracking.



In terms of transporting glasses, there are many tools to move them safely such as racks and dollies, which can safely and quickly transfer glassware of all shapes and sizes. Racks offer a more efficient way to clean glasses and enable multiple runs through a glassware polishing machine. Likewise, dollies provide easy and quick transport of many glass racks at once and are very helpful in drying and storing glassware. If you have yet to find a reliable glassware and cutlery polishing machine, contact Campus Products today! 

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