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Why Are Wine Glasses Shaped the Way They Are?
December 06, 2018

Why are wine glasses shaped the way they are? 


Some wine glasses are taller, some shorter. Some have a wide bowl, while other glasses have a slender one. Have you wondered why wine glasses are shaped the way they are? You are not the only one. While minute variations in glassware seem trivial to casual wine consumers, these differences are very important to establishments in the hospitality industry. Restaurants, bars, resorts, spas, and hotels always keep a spectrum of glasses to complement their wine menu. Depending on what the guest orders, a wine can always be served in a glass that perfectly accents its flavor and aroma.


Which wine goes in which glass?


A glass will be shaped depending on the wine it is intended to hold. Red wines demand a large, fishbowl-shaped glass because they boast big flavor which needs more room to breathe. The wider bowl makes swirling its contents easier, releasing the wine’s essence with every circumnavigation. Dry reds are poured into a tulip-shaped wine glass. Whites, on the other hand, flower in a more demure glass. White wine benefits from a narrower bowl and rim, with a long stem. Glass flutes are intended for champagne and sparkling wines, as the shape makes the carbonization last longer.


Do all these glasses need to be cleaned differently?


Clients inquiring about our wine glass cleaner equipment will typically have a variety of glassware at their establishment. An automated cleaning and polishing system is not a practical investment if it can only be used on one type of glass. Luckily, Stemshine is an all-purpose wine glass cleaner and polisher that is able to work on many different glassware shapes and sizes. We understand the nature of the hospitality industry and that is why we offer a flexible wine glass cleaner to assist operators in automating their cleaning, polishing, and drying regiments. Stemshine’s unique drying system enables users to polish wine glasses from inside and out.

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