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Why Do Wine Glasses Have Stems?
July 05, 2019


If you’re a wine enthusiast, you’re probably already familiar with the distinct shape that is associated with the wine glass.


The bulb shaped cup held atop the stem, and grounded by the small glass plate at the base of the cup can leave some scratching their heads.


It might seem annoying to have wine glasses with stems as they can be awkward to hold, and difficult to find a suitable wine glass cleaner to polish.



Why do wine glasses have stems?


What’s the point of the stem on wine glasses? Long story short, the stems of wine glasses are what you’re actually supposed to be holding onto when you take a sip of your wine. This is because the temperature of your wine will affect its taste. Holding onto the stem will allow you to drink your wine without warming the wine, as your hands radiate heat.

Different temperatures will affect different wines differently. Your whites, reds, roses, and bubbly wines will result in different tastes based on the temperature of the wine. This is more so important for those wines you’ve “invested in”. It is essential to enjoy your more expensive wines correctly – after all you’re paying for quality in taste.



Why do we swirl red wine?


An added benefit of having that handy stem on wine glasses is to make it easier to swirl red wine. Swirling the wine in a wine glass will effectively activate esters (the aromatic, fruity yet acidic compounds formed during wine fermentation), allowing you to pick-up and enjoy the experience of drinking the wine more.



Does the stem on wine glasses make it more difficult to clean?


The odd shape and delicate nature of the glass used to make wine glasses can lead to easy breakage. Luckily, we have the wine glass cleaner technology to ensure this never happens again! CPI’s Stemshine machine is fully capable of effectively polishing your wine glasses with a spotless shine every time.  If you’re sick of breaking wine glasses, consider our StemShine machine as your future go-to wine glass cleaner.

Awesome read! Always wondered why wine glasses look so different
Posted by: Nick | July 5, 2019, 12:09 pm
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